Learn makeup Tips and techniques from the comfort of your Home! 

Choose from a range of mini lessons designed to focus on very specific parts of makeup or reserve a one on one lesson to delve deeper in to creating your signature look using the tools and products you already own.  

Are you ready to start using those brushes you received for christmas, or did you just want to leave them your closet?

yesss! This is me.

These Makeup Lessons are designed for women who are looking to...

Who Is This for?

Learn the basics of makeup application

Want to take their current makeup skills up a notch

Learn a new technique or try new product recommendations 

Discover your signature look and learn how to create it consistently 

- Stephanie L. 

"Jennifer is a great teacher and knows her stuff. She is patient and detailed and builds on each step to make it easy to follow. I appreciate her honesty in providing several different options for products varying in price. I also appreciate the fact that she is very receptive to questions even after the lesson." 

- melissa + david

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- angela + tom

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Contour & Highlight - $50

This hands on Mini Lesson is designed to teach you all about how to bring dimension and structure to our face by using contouring and highlighting. We'll explore different face shapes and learn the best way to apply products that will accentuate your best features. 

Class Offerings

Complexion perfection - $50

This hands on Mini Lesson is designed to help you learn to apply your foundation perfectly, every time. We'll explore how to find the correct foundation shade for your skin tone. We'll also talk about different types of foundations and various ways to apply to your face. This lesson will also give tips on how to address dark circles, blemishes and more. 

Makeup BAG MAkeover - $30

This Mini Lesson is designed to do a clean sweep of your Makeup Bag! We'll assess what you really need in your beauty stash to create your every day look. You'll get the scoop on product expiration dates so you can give those old products the boot!  Lastly, you'll receive some of my favorite product recommendations to add your bag. 

Starting at $99

This private lesson is for the person who wants to learn a complete makeup application from start to finish. We'll work step by step through my application process to create your signature look. Lessons are 60 or 90 minutes. Recording of lesson provided for future reference. 

Class Offerings?


This private lesson is designed for the Destination Bride who wants to learn how to do her own makeup and curate the products that will allow her to replicate that look for on her wedding day. Includes 2 one on one lessons with option for product purchase. Recording of lesson provided for future reference. 


This hands on Mini Lesson is all about applying Lashes! I'll share my three ways for applying lashes on yourself with minimal stress! We'll learn about different lash types and the tools and products I rely on to quickly and confidently apply lashes to myself and clients.  

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You will receive a guide with the list of items needed for your lesson. Since the lesson is virtual via Zoom or Google Meetings, you should make sure your camera and microphone are all ready to go prior to the lesson so the fun can begin! 

What do I need for the lesson? 

Mini Lessons are 30 minutes long and One On Ones are offered in 60 and 90 minute sessions. 

How Long are the lessons? 

Each Mini Tutorial will be limited to 6 persons per class, so I can provide each attendee with support and guidance. 

How large are the Classes? 

Booking your course is easy! Using the link at bottom of the page, you'll be guided to the course list where you can choose your tutorial, fill out a brief questionnaire, and pay your invoice. Confirmation, course materials, and meeting details will be sent shortly after confirmation. 

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